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Teaching Music Tech (2017)

A Level Music Tech (2017)

A2 Music Tech (2008)

AS Music Tech (2017)

Teaching A2 Music Tech (2008)

AS Music Technology Unit 1 Portfolio 12017 - 2018 Resits

Unit 1 Resit

AS Music Technology (08) Unit 1: Portfolio 1 Coursework Resits

AS Music Technology Retakes / resits for unit 2

Unit 2 Resit

AS Music Technology (08) Unit 2: Listening and Analysing Exam Resits

A Level and AS Music Technology 2017 Overview


The A Level / AS has a new core structure.

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Revision Cards

Create and use revision cards and keeps good research notes.

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Mind Maps

Can help you understand complex topics

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Question Banks

Are good for testing yourself and consolidation information

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Knowledge Check

At the end of each unit, topic or subject test your understanding

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Glossary of Terms

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Revision Groups

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Further Resources & Advice

A Level Music Tech Practice Plans:

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Music Genres through the ages:

Learn about the genres of modern popular music. Discover the musical and technological developments through the decades.


Our 4 areas of A Level Music Technology

As well as delivering a full range of resources for students, we also provide resources and support for teachers.

A Level / AS Music Tech Teaching Area

For – Teachers

Planning, preparation, delivery and staying on top of student progress is what makes us good teachers, sharing good practice is what makes us great.

* Teaching Music Technology Course
* Lesson & Course Planning
* Assessment and Marking grids
* Presentations

For – A Level Music Tech (2017)

With so much information to digest over your 2 year course, make sure you hit the ground running with our comprehensive guides and tutorials for each of the areas of study, controlled assessment and exam preparations.

* Area of studies research and development topics
* Controlled assessment guided courses
* Exam preparation and revision resources

Full A Level Music Technology 2017
AS Music Technology 2017

For – AS Music Tech (2017)

This 1 year GCE, is anticipated to be one of the most popular courses available to musicians wishing to get a grounding in music production. With such a large and flexible skill range it’s easy to see why.

For – A2 Music Tech (2008)

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you! This may be the last year of the 2008 specification but we will be giving you the same level of attention as we always have done.

* Task 3A Guided courses
* Task 3B help sheets
* Tack 3C Guided courses
* History and development exam preparation questions
* Listening and production Exam worksheets
* Revision Guided
* Unit 1 retakes – Portfolio 1 coursework resources
* Unit 2 resits – Revision sessions

Teaching and Learning Music Tech