Teaching A Level Music Technology 2017

Teaching A Level Music Technology 2017

Teaching A Level Music Technology 2017

This event is a first teach training course and is aimed at teachers who will be teaching this specification from the beginning of September 2017. This course will run for 6 weeks and then be available on musictechstudent.co.uk to watch as a replay with accompanying resources.

Please note: This course is only available to subscribers of musictechstudent.co.uk with a teachers subscription.

Course content:

6th July 2017
* Completing the full A Level – Overview
* Planning the A Level
* QandA

13th July 2017
* Completing the AS Qualification – Overview
* Planning the AS Qualification
* QandA

20th July 2017
* Areas of study
* QandA

27th July 2017
* Component 1: Recording
* Component 2: Technology-Based Composition
* QandA

3rd August 2017
* Component 3: Listening and analysing
* Component 4: Production and analysing
* QandA

10th August 2017
* Using Pearson / Edexcel’s resources
* Our resources and plan of action
* QandA

Included Documents:
* Presentations
* Schemes of work
* Marking Schemes
* Assessment Grid

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