A2 Music Technology Revision Sessions 2017

A2 Music Technology Exam Revision Sessions 2017

A2 Music Technology Revision Sessions

A2 Music Technology Exam Date: Wednesday 7th June 2017 (PM)


During the days leading up the A2 music tech exam (Unit 4) we will be running revision sessions to help students with their exam preparations. Below is a list of topics that we will be covering each day. Follow the attached feed for the full days plan.


This event starts on Saturday 27th May 2017

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Please Note: Due to popular demand we have published all of the below revision sessions early. This will allow you to either take the day by day revision sessions program or at your own speed. Thank you all for your feedback and I hope this helps with your studies.


Saturday 27th May Revision Session Preparing for the A2 music technology exam and Production techniques.


Sunday 28th May Revision SessionListening and Analysing to music, Pitch, Rhythm Chords and intervals.


Monday 29th May Revision SessionMusic Theory and General Terminology


Tuesday 30th May Revision SessionAnswering Question 4, The History and Developments of Music Technology, Understanding Hardware


Wednesday 31st May Revision Session – Producing under controlled conditions and tricky questions


Thursday 1st June Revision SessionMicrophones and Recording Techniques


Friday 2nd June Revision SessionMixing and the Sonic Qualities


Saturday 3rd June Revision Session – MIDI, Synthesis, Sampling and Drum Machines


Sunday 4th June Revision Session – Electric Instruments, Guitars and Amplification


Monday 5th – June Revision Session – Music Production Effects


Tuesday 6th June Revision sessionFinal preparations


Good luck with your exam and remember to stay calm and do your best.




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